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This is my first critique, so please bear with me (I'll be fair, don't worry) The way that this drawing was drawn is really eye-popping...



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SPECIFY STYLE PLEASE, OR I'LL CHOOSE MYSELF! (Obscure, Realistic, Semi-Realistic, etc.)
Digital art:
Shading = +3 points
Background = +5 points
Colouring = +1 point

TELL ME WHICH STYLE YOU WANT! I can do line-less, cell-shaded, semi-realistic, abstract etc...

If no style is specified, I will choose a style.
Traditional art:
Colour = +5 points
Background = +10 points
Shading = +4 points


Specify the style you want it drawn in! If no style is specified, I will draw in such one I choose. (Obscure, Realistic, Semi-Realistic, etc.)


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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
I could care less about this bio. So you won't find out much until you get to know me. All that I'll say is that I am a Canadian artist that works in both traditional and digital art, Outsiders beware...

However, some things you might want to know about me when talking to me is:

-I used to have a SketchFu account (Girlsonic) (If any of my friends were looking for me...)
-I have a very short temper
-I swear A LOT
-I sometimes have mood/personality swings
-I do NOT take criticism lightly. You can only give me critiques when I ASK for them
-If you asked for a request, BE PATIENT. (Same goes with comics) Please understand that if it comes to NSFW or yaoi/yuri, I will be strict on the topic as I am not always comfortable drawing it. (Not in a homophobic/sexist way, but NSFW art is not an automatic yes for me.)
-I WILL NOT accept discriminatory behaviour towards any types of groups, regardless if it is the majority or the minorities we are talking about.
-I have the RIGHT to deny requests/commissions for whatever reason(s) I see fit.
-Feel free to message me, but be warned, mess with either my friends or I, and I will be very, very unhappy. Short fuse, remember..? But, if you hold no intent of trolling then you'll be fine. Like I said previously, I do not tolerate people wasting my time via harassment, bullying ect.

But other than that? You should be fine if you have a friendly intent. If you do want to get to know me, I'm quite friendly if you do ever wanna chat.

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Anyone else can do this, I don't care.

1. What is your favorite combination of two colours?

Jet black with Tron Blue, or any bright colour with jet black. Looks awesome as fuck.

2. the longest time you havent showered?

Two weeks, to even a month. It might've because I was too depressed to especially after Taekwondo (which made my BO worse), or I was too sick to. There was in instance in 2016 where I had the flu for close to a month, so I guess that's when it was.

3. What is the best thing youve done to someone and saw genuine happiness in their eyes?

Take a friend to a convention? I don't know, I can't actually remember the last time I did something good.

4. Rain or Snow?

Snow. For one, it's everywhere in Canada and I grew up with it, and two, I fucking love Winter sports.

5. The longest time you turned off DA?

A year or two. I had no interest in drawing/art when this happened, though I can't remember what I was even doing before that. Stupid fucking iron deficiency.

6. whats your clothing style?

Literally one of a cartoon character, basically wearing the same thing everyday. I wear a short sleeve shirt with a black sweater over top with a multi-scarf on my neck, or even a bandanna with lots of jewelry. Of course, accompanied by sneakers (work boots currently since it's winter) and always a pair of jeans, regardless of weather.

7. What do you love?

Piratically every type of shop work there is. (Automechanics, Aerospace, Woods, Metals), video games, weapon training, parkour, sports, bugs and animals, weapons, sometimes politics, and obviously weapons. Love my weapons, exotic/sport/muscle/classic cars, archery, knife throwing, sword fighting, fencing, sprinting.

8. What do you hate?

People, the media, and journalism in general. What else is there to be said? I know I seem like a person to be hating the government rather than people, but I actually don't really like dealing with media corporations and people in general. It's also because of my really obsessive nature. Fuck me. (Actually, don't. You got to take me out to dinner first, yeah?)

9. Whats your sign?


10. What music to listen to music for inspiration?

Heavy metal, rock, dubstep, drum and bass, electronic, electro swing

11. Craziest thing youve ever done?

There's been quite a few recently, and even in my life in general. Like getting into fights just for the fun of it at recess, getting sent to the principle's office for wacking someone who was bullying me on the back of the head with an airbrush board and also body checking her into a locker, as well as calling her stupid friends and actually chasing somebody I thought was involved down the hallway and actually hearing their screams of fear. Kicking somebody's car that belonged to someone that both my friends, brother and I absolutely despise (it actually dented and left cracks in the paint....), and sneaking into construction sites that nearly got me into legal trouble, and stealing my family's alcohol to drink for myself. 

12. First character crush?

Vinnie from Sift Heads somehow. Hm.

13. whats the most random thing about you?

My face tends to scar easily, like real easily. I don't even need to scratch myself random scars will appear on me.

14. It there something funny that happened to you recently?

Watching people around me suffer

15. Any useless talents?

I can walk on my hands with my legs crossed and off the ground? Atleast holding myself up?

16. Something youre proud of?

Getting to talk with, and know more about the Canadian Armed Forces, and even getting to play with the Royal Canadian Navy band, as well as play in Remembrance Day Concerts multiple times to honour the fallen with people who actually served in the armed forces themselves. I even got to see planes that were from the Air Force right up close! (Gonzales and Hercules planes) Oh, and I got to speak with a retired representative of the Canadian House of Commons. She was real nice. Speaking of politics, I'm really upset over the fact that there was a trip available to go see Ottawa and how the federal government operates with people who actually work there, but it was $900 CA because the trip covered everything if you payed, but I can't afford that much considering we were saving up for a trip in the states in the first place. Oh well, atleast I have the opportunity to go to an RCMP camp this August. Real excited about that. 

Oh yeah, and I'm helping playtest an upcoming indie game, and I'mma post ideas for cosmetics to the devs soon ;)

17. Ever had a scary experience? (tell us bout it)

I wouldn't exactly call the experience "scary", because I'd more or less call it adrenaline pumping. Remember when I said I kicked that person's car and left a dent in it? Yeah, well he proceeded to try and run us over after that. And they were persistent. We had to sneak into somebody's backyard just to hide from the fucks.

18. any bad habits?

Drinking, staying up late, not taking medication when I should, not eating all the time despite my fast metabolism.

19. Sweet or salty?

Depends on my mood, but I like both.

20. Whats your favorite place?


21. are you interested in anyone?

*Patrick Voice* Does Fictional Characters count??

22. Strtch your left arm out as far as you can. What can you reach?

PIXMA 240XL Black FINE Cartidges? Okay.

23. If you became a multi-millionaire overnight, what would you buy?

A shit ton of muscle, classic, exotic, and sport cars, and a shit ton of weapons such as katanas and maybe firearms, depending on gun laws. I actually don't know how they really work here lmao...

24. What was the last film you saw?

R.I.P.D. (Rest In Peace Department) and The Last Jedi

25. If you could change one thing about the world?

Humans. Just get rid of them all together.

26. Seen anything weird lately?

In my head, as always :)

27. Do you like video games?

Weren't you paying any attention? Hey! Listen!

28. Favorite type of music?

See Q10 for answer.

29. Why do you draw the things you draw?

Because I can, and I want to, and it's stuff I like.

30. Whos your inspiration for art?

*Sweats* Patrick Brown...

31. What is the best advise you can give about art?

Do I look like the fucking guy to give out advice? I'm bad at giving advice, let alone taking it! Even if it's not directed at me! Why do you think I hate journalism so much???

32. Do you have a tumblr?

33. What did you do last night?

Martial arts, and fixing up my Poomsae 

34. Have you improved in your drawings since you have been on here?

I guess? I always thought of my SketchFu art to be better, but since I actually have a distinct style and process for drawing? I would.. say so.


Fucking love this OST. Take a listen even if you haven't played Instincts, or the original Far Cry for that matter.
Sorry for no actually NEW content so far. I've been in the worst mindset possible that eventually was getting me into trouble, and I had to get my priorities straight when it came to other things in life. Don't know when I'll start drawing again considering all this
Indie games I'm still waiting for:
-The Fall 2: Unbound
-Out There Chronicles: Episode 2
-Clear Vision 4
-Getting enough money to buy Knack 2

And of course I'm still waiting for Far Cry 5 but that's AAA obviously (Still hyped as FUCK)
I want to try making gun syncs... oh boi this will be fun


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